The 11th KunstZahnWerk, the competition for removable prosthetics in the dental field: the coveted «CANDULOR KZW Award» was presented at the 38th International Dental Show (IDS).

KZW Award

The competition

Many old and new fans gathered at the IDS to view the custom-made KunstZahnWerk pieces. They had come from all over the world to admire the works and to gain new impressions. In numbers: 120 registrations from 4 continents and 49 entries from 16 countries.

The challenge was to fabricate a combination consisting of a mucosa-supported full denture for the maxilla and a partially removable restoration for the mandible with four CAMLOG implants. All work had to be prepared using the Gerber setup method. This competition was held in cooperation with CAMLOG - a leading supplier of complete systems and products for implant dentistry and implant-supported dentures.

Ms. Claudia Schenkel-Thiel, Managing Director of CANDULOR AG, opened the award ceremony with a cordial welcome to all participants and praised the submitted pieces of art. With a short patient history as example, she emphasized how important it is to approach removable prosthetics with a high degree of passion to be able to restore the patient's individual joie de vivre.

The award winners 2019

Mr. Simon Janes from Wolfisheim (France) won first place. The winner competed against 48 other excellent participants from across the world and received € 1,500 as well as the Golden CANDULOR Award.

Second place went to Ms. Theresa Handl from Cham (Germany), who was delighted with € 1,000 and the Silver CANDULOR Award.

Third place went to Mr. Nima Mohammadi from Breitenberg (Germany). He too, was the proud winner of € 500 and the Bronze CANDULOR Award.

KZW Winner

Participants who made the top 15, received material prizes in the form of subscriptions or book prizes which were generously donated by the trade publishers Quintessenz, Verlag Neuer Merkur, Spitta, Oemus Media and teamwork media Germany and Italy as well as DentAvantgArt.

Ms. Mona Stumpf from Hüde (Germany) took 1st place in the category "Best Documentation". She was delighted with the special prize in form of a Victorinox Swiss Champ XLT pocket knife donated by teamwork media Germany.

Further prizes for 2nd and 3rd places went to Mr. Nima Mohammadi from Breitenberg (Germany) as well as Mr. Attila Forró from Budapest (Hungary). Mr. Mohammadi received a subscription voucher for the "das dental labor" magazine of the publishing house Verlag Neuer Merkur and Mr. Forró received a subscription voucher for the Labline magazine of DentAvantgArt.

A special prize was awarded this year for the "Most Creative Presentation of the Work". This prize went to Ms. Deborah Sommer from Berne (Switzerland). She received a Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth speaker II from the publishing house Oemus Media.

KZW Alle Gewinner

The jury

To do justice to the task in hand, the international jury consisted of competent experts:

  • Frauke Müller (Professor and Chair) University Clinic of Dental Medicine, Division of Gerondontology and Removable Prosthodontics. University Geneva
  • Arian Deutsch, CDT, DTG, Winner KZW North America 2012 & KZW International 2011, Owner Deutsch Dental Arts (USA)
  • MDT Andreas Kunz, Andreas Kunz Zahntechnik (Germany)
  • DT Martin Koller, CANDULOR AG

This team of experts checked, discussed and finally assessed each individual piece of work. The function, esthetics, overall craftsmanship as well as the documentation of the entries were assessed using a complex process.

Visitors to the IDS were able to view the best competition entries at the CANDULOR exhibition stand in person.

The next CANDULOR KunstZahnWerk competition will be in 2021 at the next IDS in Cologne.