Terms and conditions and information

CANDULOR KunstZahnWerk Competition 


Eligible participants in the CANDULOR KunstZahnWerk Competition are dental technicians, master dental technicians, prosthodontists, and students, depending on the rules of the competition.

Application and registration

Participation in the competition is by sending in the (online) registration form and is free.

Depending on the task, participants will receive detailed information on the patient case, plaster casts, prosthetic teeth and implant components required for fabricating the competition entry free of charge from CANDULOR.

Information in the registration form

The registration form must be completed in full and correctly. Participants in the competition are responsible for ensuring that all information is correct.

Submitting entries

Participants have until the closing date for entries (the actual receipt of the work at CANDULOR), which will be communicated to the participant when the materials are sent, to complete the competition entry.

The deadline for entries must be adhered to, late submissions cannot be accepted.

Cancellation of participation

The participant can cancel his/her participation in the KunstZahnWerk competition at any time free of charge and without giving reasons. He/she will immediately inform CANDULOR about the cancellation of the participation.

The materials provided free of charge must be returned to CANDULOR.

Assessment criteria

The submitted competition entries will be assessed by the criteria on the evaluation form.


All submitted competition entries will be judged and assessed by a national and international committee of specialists in the field. The winners of each category will be announced and honored at the CANDULOR awards.

Associated PR

Participants agree that their submitted competition entries may be exhibited and photographed by CANDULOR and used for marketing purposes by CANDULOR. 

In addition, the participant agrees that CANDULOR can publish the photos taken during the awards as well as the photos (e.g. portrait photos) and documentation provided by the participant in the trade press, on the CANDULOR website and on social media channels.

Participants are not allowed to publish their work before the awards. The date of the awards will be announced to the participants after judging at the latest.

Data protection

By participating in the KunstZahnWerk competition, the participant agrees that his/her personal data provided may be processed by CANDULOR AG and Candulor Dental GmbH until further notice to manage the competition and to provide further support and information on CANDULOR materials and that the participant or winner of the competition will be mentioned by name (first and last name, place/country) in the media used by CANDULOR AG when reporting on the competition. The participant is free at any time to revoke his/her consent to the processing of his/her personal data at dataprotection@candulor.ch. A revocation before holding the competition is considered as withdrawal from participation in the competition. In the event of revocation, the personal data will be deleted, unless there is a legal obligation to store them.

Legal remedies, liability and applicable law

The judges' decision is final.

CANDULOR will not accept any liability for damage resulting from shipping. However, CANDULOR will inform the owner of the damaged entry without delay.

CANDULOR will return the submitted competition entries to the participants at the end of the competition.

Swiss Law shall apply exclusively to the conduct and execution of the competition.