CANDULOR AG relaunches the ToothScout with improved and new functions in the clear CANDULOR look.

After nearly 10 years we have revised the ToothScout completely. The usability of apps has changed so much over the course of a decade that customers are now using mobile apps quite differently. Apps should be more intuitive, and of course with a clear benefit.


What has changed?

Working with a profile.
You create your profile. Your data is stored for you and you can also select your working partner (e.g. dental technician) with whom you would like to exchange information by e-mail. The focus is always on the patient.

Creating patient files.
Create short, succinct and interesting profiles of your patients to help your work partner or yourself, including photos you can take directly with the app. The photos are only stored in the app, so they don't appear in private folders.

Tooth selection à la CANDULOR.
A ToothScout would be nothing without teeth. Find the right teeth for your patients. Enter the width of the alinasal and choose from a variety of tooth molds. We give you the correct references of maxillary molds to mandibular molds and the matching posterior teeth. Whether tooth-to-two-tooth or tooth-to-tooth setup, everything is available.

Selecting the right dealer.
If you choose teeth, you also want to use them. CANDULOR gives you suggestions for dealers in your area. You can store the data and save it in your profile. Write the dealer an e-mail with your list of wishes directly from the app.

We protect your data.
We have opted for professional e-mail communication to keep the exchange at a business level and not to mix it with private content. Therefore the photos are only saved locally in the app and not under «Photos». Furthermore, the patient data only remain in the app. These are the property and the responsibility of the user. CANDULOR has no access to patient data.

The ToothScout was developed for the iPhone and iPad. It can be found in the App Store under CANDULOR or ToothScout