CANDULOR AG launches the new tooth lines PhysioSelect TCR & BonSelect TCR. Young shapes for a new patient and customer generation.

The development and manufacture of artificial teeth has been at the core of CANDULOR for over 80 years. The Swiss company attaches great importance to development feedback from both an internal and external perspective. A vibrant collection was created especially for the new generation of "Best Ager", to match their self-confidence and agile aspirations. 

«Dental technicians, dentists and prosthodontists have motivated us to develop a new tooth line - consisting of proven materials and molds - for the patients of the coming decade and to inspire customers and patients alike.» Claudia Schenkel-Thiel (Managing Director)

PhysioSelect TCR Pressebild

A piece of Switzerland, also in terms of design.

A rejuvenated design was developed from proven, attractive molds to create 18 maxillary molds - delicate, prominent and universal - and 4 mandibular molds. Layering and surface structure support the young appearance and are a reflection of the patients' attitude to life in our times.

«The objective is to meet contemporary customer and patient expectations. We are very grateful for the feedback from the dentists, dental technicians and prosthodontists involved in this tooth development.» Jody Paul Spalt (Head of Product Management)


One for all, all for one. 

Be it for tooth-to-tooth or tooth-to-two-tooth placement, the BonSelect TCR posterior tooth was endowed with a bifunctional, semi-anatomic occlusal surface. It can therefore be easily integrated into existing laboratory workflows, particularly when different set-up methods and occlusion concepts need to be implemented. One for all, all for one is possible in 4 sizes with the BonSelect TCR.

The red one from CANDULOR. 

The tooth rack which is optimized for the dental storage in the laboratory is a mirror image of the entire brand appearance. The "Red" represents the Swiss flag in the tooth cabinet, which presents the new anterior and posterior teeth harmoniously in both mold and shade. 

«CANDULOR supplies its customers all over the world with high-quality, durable and esthetic, natural-looking products. When it comes to tooth selection in the tooth cabinet, quick orientation is essential. We are Swiss, and proud of it, and this should be reflected by the PhysioSelect TCR and BonSelect TCR. Their red beats the usual black and gray.» Alexander Ewert (Marketing Director)

Made of durable tooth materials.

Adaptation to the alveolar ridge, to abutments and antagonists requires tooth materials that can be processed quickly. But also materials that reliably bond chemically to the base resin, and which are plaque resistant and abrasion resistant.

The new PhysioSelect anterior and BonSelect posterior teeth are therefore made of the resistant TwinCrossedResin, the 3rd generation TCR material, a modified polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) variant. The polymer, but also the matrix, are evenly cross-linked and additionally tempered. This means that the pre-crosslinked polymer is again linked to the matrix and condensed during production. This way the tooth material meets the high requirements for plaque and abrasion resistance.

The new PhysioSelect TCR anterior tooth will be available for trial purposes as from April 2019 together with the BonSelect TCR posterior tooth.