The POLYMASTER is a polymerization device for the casting/pressing technique using cold-curing polymers. No acrylic flash is produced during processing, which means no more raised bites. The retention system incorporates a magnet. This ensures reliable repositioning of the model. The ease of investing the models makes for gentler handling and prevents incorrect pressing.


Inspiring application

  • No more raised bites
  • No flask clamp
  • Simple handling
  • Replaceable retention system

Polymaster Ambiente

Step by step instruction

1. Fill lower section with gypsum.

Polymaster Befüllung

2. Invest the wax prosthesis with the side of the silicone key.

Polymaster Wachsprothese

3. Apply gypsum to the model and the POLYMASTER cover and close.

Polymaster Befüllung Oberteil

4. Open POLYMASTER after curing time of gypsum. Allow the mixed AESTHETIC BLUE to flow into the counter, the gingivo-buccal fold and the palate of the model.

Polymaster Entfernung Gips


Polymaster verschließen
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