JST flask

The JST flask was developed in collaboration with MDT Jürg Stuck.

Three Allen screws hold the two halves of the flask together, making the cumbersome flask clamp superfluous. Tapered steel guides center the flask sections during closing and ensure a gap-free fit between the upper and lower halves.

When using Aesthetic Intensive Colors (multi-colored packing of the gingiva), compacting can be avoided by means of the asymmetrical closing method.

Küvette JST

Inspiring application

  • Top and bottom halves screw together with no clamp required
  • Sturdy material
  • Triangular shape ensures uniform heat transfer
  • Generous inside diameter for large dentures and partial dentures
  • High flask top section allows denture to be retained in an ideal position
  • Conical inside surfaces to facilitate deflasking of the dentures
  • Precise screw fit due to tungsten carbide screws and guide pins

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