Physiostar NFC+

Esthetic design and function are combined in this tooth line like in no other CANDULOR line. The individual surface texture, layering and color effect in the mouth make PhysioStar NFC+ unique. The result is simple: PhysioStar NFC+ are artificial anterior teeth which are not recognized as such in the mouth.

Physiostar NFC+
Physiostar NFC+

„Nature inspired the PhysioStar NFC+“

Jan Langner, MDT


Delicate (Group 55)

These tooth shapes are distinguished by their delicate and naturally tapered shapes. The gentle design of the contours and the youthful incisal edges differentiate this juvenile group.

Physiostar NFC+ Zahnreihen 55

Universal (Group 66)

The group with greatest flexibility of use for all age groups. These tooth shapes offer versatile use with square centers and narrow posterior incisors.

Physiostar NFC+ Zahnreihen 66

Vigorous (Group 77)

The powerful characteristics of these vigorous shapes are impressive. The look of these tooth shapes is underlined by the authentic abrasions on the incisal edges.

Physiostar NFC+ Zahnreihen 77

Individual (Group 88)

Natural and asymmetric shapes distinguish this group of anteriors. The shapes can be used for all age groups and create an unmistakable character through offset placement.

Physiostar NFC+ Zahnreihen 88

Mandible (Group 99)

With advancing age, the mandibular anterior tooth shapes become more prominent. PhysioStar NFC+ mandibular shapes are unique in their natural morphology as well as from an esthetic point of view.

Physiostar NFC+ Zahnreihen 99

Physiological setup

Bonartic II NFC+ combines the physiological laws of nature and the esthetic-morphological demands to make a perfect tooth.

  • Tooth to two-tooth relationship
  • ABC contacts - Work side/balance side/centric
  • Condyle-path-related guidance - Protrusion 30°, laterotrusion 20°


Prof. Dr. Gerber setup

The CANDULOR Condyloform II NFC+ offers optimal anatomical occlusion with design with age-adapted morphological and natural occlusal surfaces.

  • Tooth to tooth relationship
  • Condyle theory according to Prof. Dr. Gerber
  • Lingualized occlusion
  • Joint-related guidance
  • Autonomous chewing ability



The greatest advantage of the material, NFC+, is the excellent abrasion resistance, which is significantly greater than that of materials previously used for teeth. The particularly abrasionresistant NFC+ material was developed to counteract premature wear of teeth and the associated loss of dimension.


Close attention to give a natural appearance has also been a feature of the layering and esthetics. The special new material formula and the newly developed 4 layers have increased color stability in the mouth.

Physiostar NFC+


NFC+ is a composite based on a urethane dimethyl acrylate matrix (UDMA matrix) composed of various types and sizes of fillers as well as PMMA clusters. This results in outstanding physical material properties, such as abrasion resistance and breaking strength.

Composite material with a homogeneous distribution of inorganic fillers and PMMA clusters:

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