Physioset TCR

Resin does not equal resin. This has been proven by CANDULOR with its TCR tooth line. The diversity provides a balanced range of tooth shapes for all types.

PhysioSet TCR


The functionally linked TCR (TwinCrossedResin) PMMA material distinguishes itself by its impressive material and resistance properties. A special manufacturing process achieves a double-linked connection between matrix and acrylic and ensures optimal abrasion resistance and plaque resistance.


The special esthetic look is achieved with a multi-layer process, a near-natural layering process and the natural surface profile.

Physiological setup

Bonartic TCR combines the physiological laws of nature and the esthetic-morphological demands to make a perfect tooth.

  • Tooth to two-tooth relationship
  • ABC contacts - Work side/balance side/centric
  • Condyle-path-related guidance - Protrusion 30°, laterotrusion 20°

Bonartic TCR OK
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