Physioset CT

Natural esthetic material and elaborate layering technology make this tooth line exceptional. Today, the individual layers are still applied by hand and give this tooth line the personal touch of individuality. In contrast to many manufacturers, CANDULOR remains true to this material and its history and continues to offer porcelain teeth as an alternative.

PhysioSet CT


Porcelain is a material with enamel-like light refraction and a long service life. A controlled firing process allows high abrasion resistance, translucency, color fastness and naturalness.

Glass matrix with varying distinctive leucite crystals, which largely determine the hardness of the ceramic:



CANDULOR porcelain teeth are unique in their layering design. Six different layers and four different characterizations form the basis for the PhysioSet CT Porcelain anterior tooth line.

PhysioSet CT Schichtung EN

Physiological setup

Bonartic CT combines the physiological laws of nature and the esthetic-morphological demands to make a perfect tooth.

  • Tooth to two-tooth relationship
  • ABC contacts - Work side/balance side/centric
  • Condyle-path-related guidance - Protrusion 30°, laterotrusion 20°

Bonartic CT

Prof. Dr. Gerber setup

The CANDULOR Condyloform CT offers optimal anatomical occlusion with design with age-adapted morphological and natural occlusal surfaces.

  • Tooth to tooth relationship
  • Condyle theory according to Prof. Dr. Gerber
  • Lingualized occlusion
  • Joint-related guidance
  • Autonomous chewing ability

Condyloform CT
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