CRS Set 20

A major factor in successful prosthetic or functional therapeutic restorations is the reconstruction of physiological jaw relationships. A reliable technique for determining jaw relationships is of the essence here as the same technique must be applied when performing the corrective measures necessary during the placement of dental work.

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  • For determination of jaw relationships in dentulous and edentulous jaws
  • As part of prosthetic measures and functional therapies
  • For smaller occlusal corrections of dentures in the patient's mouth


Application for the dentist

  • Very fast registration (2-3 min)
  • Easy and accurate registration method
  • Minimal bite block possible
  • Less grinding necessary for insertion of restoration
  • Cost-efficient fabrication of templates


Benefits for the patient

  • Adequate room for the tongue
  • No forced, retral joint position (hand-guided bite taking)
  • Loose and free movement during opening and closing
  • Physiological final bite situation
  • Shorter adaptation period after insertion of restoration

Anwendung CRS SET 20
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