Artikulator CA 3.0

Articulator CA 3.0

Three-dimensional movement brings success

The demand for creating highly esthetic restoration every day also requires optimal adaptation in the patient's mouth. The dimensions of human nature were duplicated here and make esthetic restoration functionally safe. The CANDULOR's CA 3.0 articulation system excels through its simplicity.

Simulating natural movement patterns

The CA 3.0 articulation system was designed along the CAMPER's plane. This runs parallel to the occlusal plane, thus giving very good reference.


The temporomandibular joint

Interaction between the two temporomandibular joints allows rotational movement along axes other than the hinged axis. Three movement axes exist.

  • A horizontal-transversal joint axis as simple hinged axis
  • A vertical joint axis for the condyle on the side of lateral movement. The condyle on the opposite side performs a downward and sliding movement forwards.
  • A horizontal-sagittal joint axis for the condyle on the side of lateral movement, with simultaneous lateral movement of the joint head downwards and forwards.

Kieferknochen & Kiefergelenk_EN

The CA 3.0 joint is analog to the natural temporomandibular joint

The double cone simulates the shape of the joint head to avoid straight line movement in case of lateral and transversal movement and thus enables complying with physiological principles.

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