Flasche + Kunststoffbeutel AUTOPLAST

Let it flow

AUTOPLAST was specially developed for the silicone matrix technique and for the flask pouring technique. This cold-curing resin is distinguished by its excellent flow properties.

Tisch Set

Easy to create

The flow phase was set at approx. 3 minutes. After a transition phase of 5-6 minutes the material can be modelled for a further 3 minutes. This means that several denture base segments can be handled simply and reliably using the pouring technique. The free dosing of powder and liquid allows individual adjustment of the consistency and processing window.

Colors for true esthetics

5 Pink - transparent, veined
6 Pink - transparent, not veined
34 Original Pink - semiopaque, veined

Inspiring features

  • Simple handling
  • Excellent flow and modelling properties
  • Long working time

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