Patient data of the international KunstZahnWerk competition 2017

Patient data

Mr. Edentulous, 65-year old, strong athletic type

Medical history
Mr. Edentulous has been wearing dentures for many years and suffered from ill-fitting prostheses right from the beginning, despite several remakes - particularly in the maxilla. Following extensive clinical and radiological examination, 6 CAMLOG implants were placed in the patient's maxilla. 

Mean value

Articulator adjustment
Inclination of condylar path: set to 30° on right / set to 28° on left

Occlusal position

Esthetic alignment of anterior teeth
Natural, discreet alignment
Labial lip contact corresponds to acrylic bite rim

Posterior teeth
Buccal cheek contact corresponds to acrylic bite rim

Artificial gingiva
Individual coloring required

Good hygiene on the part of the patient

Initial situation

The task

  • Maxilla: partially removable, screw-retained, permanent hybrid bridge (All-on 6) / palate-free
  • Mandible: full denture


The maxillary restoration must be cleanable between the implants using interdental brushes. The ovate pontic on the soft tissue should not display any saddle-like constellations (ridge laps) and must be cleanable with dental floss.

You receive  
  • 1 mandibular model
  • 1 maxillary model with 6 CAMLOG lab analogs
  • 6 CAMLOG titanium caps
  • 6 CAMLOG prosthetic screws
  • 1 Acrylic bite rim for articulation
  • 1 Score sheet
  • 1 Characterization pattern (brochure)
  • 1 USB stick with Gerber set-up brochure (DE/EN/FR/IT/NL)

Tooth shapes:            
  • PhysioStar® NFC for maxilla
  • PhysioStar® NFC for mandible
  • Depending on the set-up concept you have selected: Condyloform® II NFC for the maxilla/mandible or Bonartic® II NFC for the maxilla/mandible


Submit the finished prosthesis in the CANDULOR Articulator or Condylator with acrylic bite rim. Other appliances will not be included in the competition.


10th February 2017


Candulor Dental GmbH
Frau Angelika Achenbach
"KunstZahnWerk competition"
Am Riederngraben 6
DE-78239 Rielasingen-Worblingen


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