Assessment criteria for the international KunstZahnWerk competition 2017

1. Plastered into the articulator / weighting 1x

a) Articulator adjustment: 
  • Right as per case
  • Left as per case
  • Position and symmetry of models

2. Model analysis / weighting 2x

  • Maxilla and mandible maximum chamber lift from tuberculum retromolar to tuberculum retromolar
  • Mandible and maxilla sagittal alveolar ridge line
  • Mark the lowest point

3. Articulation / weighting 4x

a) Stability:

  • Stability maxilla – palatal cusp right
  • Stability maxilla – palatal cusp left
  • Stability mandible – fossa right
  • Stability mandible – fossa left

b) Function:

  • Group contact working side/balance side

4. Aesthetics / weighting 2x

a) Teeth:

  • Independent dentition as per case

b) Prosthesis body

  • Muscle grip, front and cheek shield
  • Physiological form of the gum
  • Individual shading of prosthesis body

5. Implant construction / weighting 4x

  • Shaping of soft tissue (flossing option)
  • Tension-free seating
  • Can be cleaned with interdental brushes


Content / weighting 2x

Illustration / weighting 1x

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