Swiss Denture Concept

"Individual needs call for individual solutions"


Candulor developed the Swiss Denture Concept on the basis of this statement. The philosophy behind it is as simple as it is ingenious, because the Swiss Denture Concept helps you respond to your patients' individual needs, to optimize their restorations and therefore to reduce reworking. You not only raise the number of satisfied patients, but also your profit. So it's a win-win situation for all those concerned. 


What is Swiss Denture Concept

Support the clinician with a two steps post graduate training program and offering high quality products. Additionally, included are marketing tools to present this high quality denture to the patient and show him the value. Furthermore, these marketing tools should increase the business of the clinicians. Target group are trained clinicians.

Goals of the seminar

Swiss Denture Concept gives practitioners a comprehensive practical overview of topics relating to removable total and partial prostheses in two courses lasting 3 days each covering both clinical and technical aspects. 
By communicating the most important concepts of theory and practice, we aim to enable the participants to arrive at the best possible solutions for their patients, for a wide variety of problems. 
A marketing package to promote this goal will help you implement these solutions directly with patients.

Course content

The information is both theoretical and practical.

Part I: Technical Part

  • Introduction to Prof. Dr. A Gerber's Condylar-Theory
  • Model analysis
  • Facial analysis
  • Setting up the anterior and posterior teeth
  • Introduction to the topic "The Art of Prosthetics"
  • Characterisation and polymerisation
  • Demonstration of functional grinding in
  • Final shaping of the upper and lower dentures
  • Investing

Part II: Clinical Part (with Live-Patient)

  • Each participant treats a patient - Introduction to the Swiss Denture Concept
  • Different teaching methods
  • Impressions
  • Registration
  • Mounting casts in an articulator
  • Speech-guided anterior positioning phonetic guided
  • Individualization of prosthetic acrylic and teeth
  • placing the denture

Special features of the Swiss Denture Concept

  • Practical design of the teaching with patients as well as the communicated content
  • Limited number of participants to ensure high-quality training
  • The course contents are continuously updated with the newest information
  • Lecturers from universities, practice and industry with years of professional experience
  • Two volumes of seminar documentation
  • A variety of teaching methods (lectures, case studies, workshops and supervised group tasks)
  • Daily seminar schedule tailored to professional needs
  • Final examination (theoretical and practical) as well as a completion certificate. By passing the examination, you are entitled to call yourself a "Certified Swiss Denture Concept Clinician".

Contents of Marketing package

  • Patient consultation binder
  • Patient information
  • Care instruction
  • History sheet
  • Patient pass
  • CD with advertisings and logos
  • Door sign
  • Poster
  • Denture box
  • Certificate

SDC Koffer

Your personal benefit

  • You will learn how to create a high-end prosthesis.
  • You will be able to provide your patients with the advantages of a high-quality functional prosthesis.
  • You will expand your dental expertise.
  • You will become aware of the financial, functional and marketing benefits of the Swiss Denture Concept and will be able to take advantage of them.
  • You will receive two volumes of seminar documentation.
  • You will receive a Swiss Denture Concept marketing package 

Create the best